Our Mission:
Our primary mission is to provide You with an unbiased service which is second to none.

Our testing procedures are performed strictly 'by-the-book' as outlined by VicRoads requirements for Roadworthiness

We do NOT take it upon ourselves to defect items that, although may show signs of wear, are still in fact Safe & Roadworthy.

What we can do for you:
  • Vehicle Pre-purchase Roadworthiness Inspection
    - Don't buy a Lemon!

  • Pre-sale Roadworthiness Testing
    - Know what will need attention BEFORE you commit to a selling price

  • Window Tint Light Transmittance Testing
    - Is that Tint Legal ?

  • Exhaust Noise dBA testing (Non-EPA)
    - Clear that Defect Notice

Our Clients:
Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Our Clientle range from Motor vehicle Dealers, Vehicle Hire to Buy, Automotive Repair Workshops ... to the Retail sector, where everyone receives the same honest & friendly service.