About RWC Testing
In Victoria, a Certificate of Roadworthiness is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if it is to be re-registered. In some cases a Certificate of Roadworthiness is also required to clear a Vehicle Defect Notice or a Notice of Unroadworthiness.

A Certificate of Roadworthiness can only be issued by a Licensed Vehicle Tester operating from a Nominated Garage or Testing Station. Before a certificate can be issued the vehicle will need to pass a roadworthiness inspection.

The roadworthiness requirements do not prescribe testing methods but define the items and standards required by law necessary to ensure a safe vehicle. The inspection is a check of the vehicle, to ensure that components have not worn or deteriorated to the extent that the vehicle is not safe for normal road use. It is not a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of the vehicle. If you require a comprehensive check on the overall condition of the vehicle then you should arrange for a separate independent report.

The roadworthiness test is not a complete assessment of a vehicle's compliance with the Standards for Registration which, in most cases, are the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). The ADRs are a set of minimum standards for the construction of motor vehicles and trailers. In most cases compliance with these standards cannot be assessed by inspection alone.

The cost of obtaining a Certificate of Roadworthiness will depend to a large extent on the age, type and condition of the vehicle being examined. If you wish you may obtain a quote for the cost of the inspection.

A Certificate of Roadworthiness is current, for the purposes of a transaction, for 30 days from the date of issue.

Vic Roads Electronic-Certificate System.
On Average, the Inspection can take anywhere between 60 - 120min.

In that time the vehicle is road-tested, brake-tested, and fully inspected in our workshop. Photographs are taken, which are time & date stamped along with the GPS location of the test. These photos are uploaded to our server and backed up before being uploaded to the VicRoads portal along with our test data.

If the vehicle tested passes the Inspection, a Certificate of roadworthiness is  ISSUED and printed out on the spot. If the Vehicle was found to have defects that do not meet the minimum requirements for roadworthiness,  a test report is issued. The vehicle must then be returned to us for re-inspection within 14 days, with these defects corrected. If sucessful, a certificate of roadworthiness is then issued.

Vehicles returned after 14 days wll require a NEW FULL Inspection.

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